About Tricia


Hi, I'm Tricia.  A wife and mom to three young girls who keep us on our toes.  A few years ago I took a step back from my 10 year career in media and digital advertising to move with my family to Australia.  It was a wonderful experience that really taught me the value of home, friendship and community.  Oh and a good American hotdog!  

In that time, I was able to tap into my passion for photography.  I love capturing the smiles, laughs, embraces, and emotions that unite a family.  Including those candid moments that are genuine.  In fifty years I want you to look back at your photos and be transported to that moment in time.  Having children has taught me many things, but one of the biggest is just how fast life flies by.  I would not let another milestone pass by, so I started clicking away.   

We are now in Baton Rouge.  A city I am quickly falling in love with due to the wonderful people and the beautiful city.  I have a love for ballet,  I studied dance for more than 15 years and even started college as a ballet major.  It is in my blood, and I fit in a ballet class as often as I can.  I am a lover of dogs, ice cream, cheesy chick movies, coffee, chocolate, and running.  Fall is my favorite season and I love a good chill in the air on a crisp fall morning.

Tricia H. Eaton