Taking Dance Recital Pictures | Baton Rouge, LA Family Photographer

It is that time of year when the sequins and tutus come out and the hair goes up in buns.  That's right.  Recital time!

Why is photographing stage performances so difficult?  It mostly boils down to the lighting.  The darkness of the theater, the bright and harsh stage lights, combined with fast moving objects at a distance just creates a hot mess to try and get some good shots of your little one.

Here are the things I've learned in photographing performances that can be carried over to your dance recitals.

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Wiliams Family Portraits | Riverside Park, Victoria Texas

It is always special to photograph old friends, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.  Now, if you are at all familiar with Victoria, you know that the weather this year has been particularly crazy with large variances.  Much to all our surprise, this February afternoon was flat out coat worthy.

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Organizing Your Phone Pictures | Baton Rouge Photographer

Let's be honest here.  We all are guilty of snapping 1001 pics a week of our kids.  Many of them the same photo, just trying to get that right shot.  Am I right?

Do you ever organize those pics or back them up?  Do you scroll through thousands of images when you want to find that one picture from dinner three, no wait, was it four weeks ago?

I'm going to go with no for the majority of you.  Well, with a few easy steps all that can be simplified.  I found this tips from one of my vendors, but I have tweaked them a bit based on some of what I try to do since I do tend to have a lot of images from my phone and my cameras.

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