Session Experience


A session with T.H.E. Photography is unlike many others.  I put a lot of focus on making my session fun for your family while creating an experience where you don't have to stress.  My intention is to capture genuine moments and pictures that you can keep as a wonderful memory that you can treasure for years and years.  

I like to work with each family every step of the way.  This starts with booking the session, helping on what to wear, where to photography, and it continues after the session into Reveal Night even through to delivering your portrait art. 

I typically work outdoors, in a setting of your choice.  This helps with keeping things more natural and casual.  It also provides some great backdrops!


I love for my pictures to capture who your family truly is through the emotions they portray.  I spend a lot of time letting kids be kids and chasing them to get pictures.  I want this to be an enjoyable experience, so I don't want to only focus on posed shots.  Although, I do them as well to ensure we get everything.  Not only do I get more images of those genuine smiles, I also find it makes the session go more smoothly.  Win, win!  A standard shoot will last anywhere from one to two hours.


After the shoot, I start working my magic and editing the photos from your session.  I look at and edit each image individually, so it does take a good bit of time.  Two weeks after our session we will have our Reveal Night!  This is the most fun.  It is when you get to see all your images.  I put them together in a slideshow and also have a gallery on had for you to go through and really look at each one as well.  I will help you plan your album, wall art and get all the details of your order.  I'll be there to help walk you through the products and answer any questions you might have about them.  


Last, I want to share with you my vision for my photography work.  I am an artist; and photography is where I express my passion.  I create photographic fine art for your family.  I don't think there is anything more important or worth capturing than family.  These pieces of artwork are intended to be your masterpiece, they tell your story.  I just am the one who makes it come to life for you!