3 Year Old Portraits


This precious girl is my oldest.  We just celebrated her third birthday last week and as I looked at her picture, I found myself reflecting back on the past year.  This girl is so full of joy.  As I look through the 2,000 pictuers I took last year of the family, yes that's true, I can't help but laugh and smile at this crazy, fun, and loving girl.  She is truly a blessing.


She's starting to get into dress up and princesses.  Bows and shoes.  Dresses and skirts.  It is fun to watch.  Oh, and she's just starting to enjoy getting her picture taken.  Win for me!   Now I get to see her beautiful smile when she sees my camera come out.  Usually that is.  In fact, somewhere she caught on to saying "cheese" for the camera.  Something I didn't teach her.

I don't think I'll ever get sick of taking pictures of my beautiful kids, but I might need to hold back a bit, 2,000 seems like a lot.  LOL.

Happy birthday baby girl!

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