Bath Time - Weekly Favorite - Week 9 & 10 | Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer

Okay, I missed a week.  Figured that might happen with the new addition and the craziness of two toddlers.  

Since I'm on maternity leave, I'm focusing my efforts on grabbing my camera around the house more.  I captured so much of my first two little ones in the early weeks.  However, with this one, I'm struggling with all that we have going on.

One time that I've always thought was special with newborns is bath time.  All of my kids have LOVED bath time as young ones.  It is usually something I sneak in while the girls are in school.  


This particular day my mom was bathing her and my oldest wanted to help.  By help I mean, give her the spoon rest, share her play dough castle, and play with all the soap and lotion.  I thought it was a fun and beautiful moment and so glad I was able to capture it.


What are your favorite moments with your little one?

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