Family Time at Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge, LA

One of my favorite places to go as a mom in Baton Rouge is the Rural Life Museum.  Coincidentally, one of my favorite places to photograph in is Rural Life Museum as well.  If you've never been, it is a great and easy place to go with the kids where they can run around a bit.  


So when we had family in town for Easter and found ourselves heading there I couldn't help but grab my camera.

I get a little jealous when I snag good pics of my kid(s) with my husband.  I feel like I never get any of me with them.  However, when I saw this one I feel instantly in love.  She is such a daddy's girl!


E had a wonderful time with her Gigi and Popsi.  They explored a lot together and went everywhere. L on the other hand, spent her time picking up sticks and rocks.  It is a true passion of hers.


We got there pretty late, so we didn't have much time to get through the place, unfortunately.  We will definitely be going back in the near future.  

Oh and yes, that's a potato and a stick.  I have no clue how she found a potato, but she held on to it like a treasure.  LOL.  

Another highlight of the trip.  The longhorns!  When University of Texas alumni get to see longhorns up close they must get a picture.  I didn't get many because the girls were heading in every direction and it had just started sprinkling, but he was beautiful.  Although, I was very glad he was on that side of the fence, he was pretty intimidating.  


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