First Birthday Extravaganza, unicorns and all......


Nothing beats a first birthday.  Now that we are back in the States, we love that we can attend more family events like this one.  Our niece's first birthday was nothing short of fantastic, with a wonderful magical unicorn theme and some amazingly delicious cake.  

It wasn't easy to get pictures while my two littles were participating in the festivities.  However, between Jess and my mother-in-law, they were well looked after.  


Everything was beautiful, to say the least.  My SIL, Kristi is an event planner (Keaton Events, you should look them up), and she made sure this special day had all the bells and whistles.  There were even unicorn horn party hats for all the kiddos.  Too cute!!!  She has put all my first birthdays to shame.  Haha.  

My favorite part, as well as my girls', was the unicorn cake.  Not only was it stunning to look at, it was absolutely delicious and delivered on every buttercream filled dream you've ever had.  Claire did a good job with her little smash cake, but was very dainty about it.  

It's always fun to get friends and family together.  I put together this little slideshow for the day that has a little more of the festivities for you to enjoy!