Happy Father's Day | Baton Rouge, LA Family Photographer

This guy, well, let's just say he's my sanity most days.  He's also the best dad to our two girls, and our third who will be here in a few weeks.  


He's completely outnumbered in our growing household, and totally fine with it.  He'd do anything for his girls.  Although, I think he's pretty thankful that the princess costumes we have don't fit him, or he'd be expected to participate in the daily princess extravaganza that takes place in our house.  He's definately a great sport and is sharpening his ponytail skills.

The greeting he gets when he walks in the door after what I know is a long day at work, is heartwarming.  He sets the bar pretty high as far as dads go.  This parenting gig is pretty rough some days, and I can't imagine having anyone better by my side throught it all.

Happy Father's Day, Jess!

To all the fathers out there.  I hope you enjoy this day.