Leeco Honey | Houston Personal Brand Photography

As a photographer and business owner, I love supporting other small business owners. So when I was able to photograph Leeco Honey I was giddy with excitement.


I know Meagan, she and her husband own the company, from my grade school days, and we grew up in the same small Texas town. Through social media, I’ve been able to stay in touch with her and have watched her remarkable journey with her family as they grow their new business, located just outside of College Station. Her husband, Darren, is the beekeeper and I’m amazed about what all this family accomplishes!

Now, I am not a honey expert, but I will say part of the fun of this branding photo session for me, wasn’t just some beautiful brand and product images, but this stuff is darn delicious!!!! For real. I have used this with charcuterie boards, tea, mulled wine and my husband has some lofty ambitions to make mead in the future.


I am so excited to share these images with them, and help them as they grow this beautiful company and brand.

A little about the process. Before I set up this branding photo session, I made sure I was familiar with the look and feel of the brand so that these images could fit in and match the existing Leeco Honey brand image. I found some props that fit within that brand image. Once I got started, I decided to play a bit with the honey. Honestly, I had no choice because I got it everywhere when I opened the jar. LOL. When you think of honey, what do you think of? Sweet, distinct flavor and sticky. I played with that. Nothing like some drips and dribbles. Also, that stunning amber color just grabbed my attention.


Having professional product images will help Leeco Honey with social media, their website, and other marketing. That is so special to be able to share with them and just gets me so excited! Everytime I see one pop up in my news feed or IG stories, I am so proud.

Just for fun I had to do a seasonal image as well! Christmas lights just make it all that much more fun.


If you’d like to get your hands on some of what I can say is the most delicious honey, that also happens to be local, get in contact with Meagan at Leeco Honey. She is the sweetest, and I highly suggest following her on social media (Instagram and Facebook) because she has an adorable family that will just bring a smile to your day.

A big thank you to Meagan, Darren and family for trusting me with your brand images!

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