Our First Day of School

Post first day naps.

Post first day naps.

As a photographer, you would think I would have been all over this first day picture business.  So not the case.

The girls started school Tuesday after Labor Day.  I really thought I had my act together and had prepared their backpacks and all that jazz the night before.  Getting them out the door wouldn't be a problem.  

Not only did we not get a pre-first day of school picture, but we were 10 minutes late.  Seriously, I was the mom running in with my kids, their crap and no shoes on the littlest while all the other moms pulled out of the driveway.  I had no clue which classroom my kids belonged in and the shot records I provided the school were dated improperly and rejected.  I was, THAT mom.  You know, that crazy mom who may, or may not, have her basic hygiene taken care of for the day before showing up at school.  You know, the mom who may have on yesterday's clothes.  You know you've seen them.  I was at least not in my pajamas.  I did have that going for me.

I really wanted first day pictures.  The girls were in cute outfits and looked adorable with their backpacks.  When there is a will, there is a way, people.  

So, we did post nap pictures, in bed with goldfish and sporting our best Jane Fonda hair.  Due to a kid almost falling off the bed, they are slightly blurred, but I think actually sum up the reality of the day.  However, they were still freaking cute!

Oh, and the one thing I did do right that day, was mention to the girls' teachers as I left, "see ya tomorrow."  Which quickly got the response, "this isn't a full week. "  Oh.  Well, at least I wasn't THAT mom again on Wednesday showing up late, maybe not fully hygiened (yes that is a word) with my kids on a day they weren't suppose to be there.  Mom for the win!