Why I am a Photographer - Baton Rouge Family Photographer


Many people ask me what made me get into photography.   What made me want to photograph other families and making this a business?

My photography business is more than just an image printed in ink on paper, a digital file, or an album.  It is what you see when you look at your portraits.  Where do you go?  What do you see?  It's also why I advocate printing your portraits.  Filling your house with those precious moments that send you back.  

These memories you almost don't know are sitting in the back of your brain under the to-do lists, and PTO reminders and what not.  However, when you hear a special song, smell that familiar smell or see the picture hanging on your wall, it is so clear and vivid.  It doesn't matter if it has been five or fifty years, you remember.

I truly believe that pictures are memories, encapsulated in a single image.  When you see them, they take you back to that moment, that feeling, that time in your life.

It is a very similar experience to that response when you smell something familiar.  For me, the smell of dressing always reminds me of my grandmother.  I still to this day can almost taste her homemade dressing the moment I smell those familiar herbs simmering in a pan.  I remember her table, tablecloth and china that we used during the special family gatherings,  I would pile it high on my plate and add a side of turkey and cranberry sauce and of course the homemade rolls only she could make.  

That smell just takes me back.