Wiliams Family Portraits | Riverside Park, Victoria Texas

It is always special to photograph old friends, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.  Now, if you are at all familiar with Victoria, TX, you know that the weather this year has been particularly crazy.  Jacket one day, swimsuit the next.  Usually leaning more towards balmy sun in Februart.  Much to all our surprise, this February afternoon was flat out coat worthy.

That presented a bit of a challenge for mom, however she quickly was able to get her crew coordinated and looking great, and stay warm.  That little tie is just precious on their youngest.  Love it.


The boys didn't let the chill stop them though.  They immediately got busy dishing out the loaf of bread they brought to the ducks.  Which were surprisingly aggressive and smart.  LOL.  I found a trail of bread from the pond to my shoe on one occasion.  I guess they were hoping one of the ducks would come and snap at me. Clever boys, clever.

During our hour or so together I was schooled in jokes.  I know now that next time I'll next to brush up on some new ones for this group.  They just had dozens of them that kept us all laughing.  Mom, dad and I caught up a bit between snaps too.  

We had a good time despite the cold and managed to get a great session in at Riverside Park.


Tricia is a photographer in the Baton Rouge, Houston and Victoria, TX area, specializing in family photography.  You can find out more about a session for your family HERE.