Family Portraits at LSU Lakes | Houston Family Portrait Photographer

As a photographer that works with children and families, I like to think I am good with kids. I mean, I do have three little ones of my own.


Well, this beautiful family session might just be the hardest I worked to date to get a kid to like me. LOL.

I actually like the fact that the oldest took a bit to warm up to me. It wasn’t until almost halfway through our session. All while baby sister, was all about showing off her newly formed teeth and happy to take a few steps for the camera with dad’s assistance.


Once I downloaded the images I knew immediately that the candid moments when we were just trying to get the girls comfortable with me and the camera, were my favorite.

Sometimes shyness can work. The hugs, and shoulder leans are beautiful. I love that I captured it. Not just those perfectly posed pictures.


I think through this journey as a family photographer, I’m embracing all the moments. I can take a step back and realize that as a mom, I don’t just want my kids with perfect smiles captured. I want the hugs, the expressions, the laughs that really make the season unique.

Tricia Eaton is a photographer in the Katy, Texas area serving all of Houston. Her work is primarily lifestyle based. You can view more work at the gallery. If you would like information about a session, click here or contact Tricia.