The Proposal - A Family Affair | Houston Family Photographer

It is always special to be asked to capture family moments and milestones as a photographer. This one though, wow, it was a big one. When Mike told me he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a gifted session for her birthday, it was sweet. When he then proceeded to tell me he wanted to propose to her, and her daughters at the end of the session I was blown away.


I’ll be honest. It was a bit hard to play along. I almost told Mike to empty his pockets like I do all guys that show up for a session. Cell phones and keys don’t look attractive in pockets during a portrait session. However, I managed to stop myself before I did, knowing that he had the ring with him.


We spent the better part of an hour chatting and taking a ton of family pics. Then, we went to a beautiful tree lined road, and next thing you know, Mike was on one knee, Lauren was in shock. It was awesome!!! Such a wonderful time to have captured!

Tricia Eaton is a photographer in the Katy, Texas area serving all of Houston. Her work is primarily lifestyle based. You can view more work at the gallery. If you would like information about a session, click here or contact Tricia.