Houston Here We Come | Houston Family Photographer

I am very excited to announce that THE Photography is heading to Houston.

If you subscribe to Houston Moms Blog you may have seen THE Photography on the 2018 list for family photographers and wondered why I was in Houston. LOL.

We are making arrangements to move in a few weeks back to Texas, and boy are we excited! This move to Houston brings many wonderful blessings to our family, the biggest being family and friends.

Since having children we have never lived near our family. I can honestly say, it has been the hardest part of moving. We will also be reunited with all our friends in the Houston area (aka Spring, Katy, Cypress, LOL.)

I will be the first to tell you, moving with kids is NOT fun. I don’t actually enjoy the moving process, but add in three littles that are ages one through four and it gets crazy. However, this is a new part of our story we are really looking forward to. Houston has always been where we considered home, so it feels a bit like we are coming home.

So, what does that mean for THE Photography? Well, I have a plan in place for all my clients in Baton Rouge. I want to ensure you have great family sessions and are also able to enjoy the client service I hang my hat on.

Houston can now book sessions starting in November. I am very excited to use some of the great Houston locations.

Keep in mind, for all my friends near Victoria, I have mini sessions set up around Thanksgiving. Check them out under the sessions tab.

Alright, now for the hard part. Saying goodbye to Baton Rouge. We will always look back with fondness on this beautiful city. It is where our third little one was born, where we built so many friendships and built a community around our family that was just so lovely. My oldest started school here, the younger ones enjoyed their teachers and playmates in Mother’s Day Out. I started THE Photography here, and had a ton of support from some incredible clients. This city has really grown on me. Not only are your mossy oak trees stunning, but so are the people here.

Thank you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I’ve already cried about telling some teachers and I know it will happen as we give hugs and “see ya agains” with the friends here. This is the part of moving that I hate. As a mom, wife, friend and a photographer, this is hard.

So, if any of you are in Houston, please give us a ring. I can’t put into words all I really have in my heart, but know we have felt very blessed by the Baton Rouge community. We love you.

As for our friends in Houston, we can’t wait to get together. We are coming at ya!


Tricia is a photographer in the Houston area, specializing in family photography.  You can find out more about a session for your family HERE.