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Let's be honest here.  We all are guilty of snapping 1001 pics a week of our kids.  Many of them the same photo, just trying to get that right shot.  Am I right?

Do you ever organize those pics or back them up?  Do you scroll through thousands of images when you want to find that one picture from dinner three, no wait, was it four weeks ago?

I'm going to go with no for the majority of you.  Well, with a few easy steps all that can be simplified.  I found this tips from one of my vendors, but I have tweaked them a bit based on some of what I try to do since I do tend to have a lot of images from my phone and my cameras.

ONE - This one might be hard for you but just do it.  DELETE those duplicates and moments that don't tug at those heartstrings.  You don't need them and you won't miss them.  Keep only images that you just can't live without.  

TWO.  Select one or two from each experience that are your true favorites and tell you a story about that time.  Hit the heart button.  This moves it to your favorites.

THREE.  Create albums.  This is my pain point.  So I tend to do monthly or quarterly albums unless it is a big trip or event.


FOUR.  BACK UP.  Use some kind of program to back up those favs.  Have Amazon Prime?  Well then you have Amazon Drive, unlimited photo backup.  You can sync directly from your phone.  This is what I use.  However, you can also sync with the Lightroom App or iCloud, or even Dropbox.  Pick your fav and get it set up.  Nothing like your phone crashing and you not having those memories backed-up.   

FIVE.  Incorporate your images into your normal filing system.  I save all my photos chronologically with an event description (2017-12-22 - Family Holiday Party), but do what works for you.  This way they make it into my annual family albums.

While this sounds like a lot, setting it up is the hard part, after that it goes smoothly.  Then you have images you can enjoy and look back on for year, not that just sit on your phone until it get too full.

Have your own tips???   I'd love to hear them.  Share them below in the comments.

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