As a photographer, I like to share some easy tips to better photos.  That's why I put together my top pointers for getting better images.  I'm sharing my third tip today.

Forget your flash.

That's right.  I went there.  If you have ever had a portrait session with me, you know that I tend to avoid using my flash.  I try as much as possible to use natural light.  Even when I am photographing inside.  There are several reasons for this, the most important one for me, people just look better in natural light.

Mic drop. Haha.

This was taken with natural light only. I turned off my lights in the room, and opened the blinds.

This was taken with natural light only. I turned off my lights in the room, and opened the blinds.

Beyond that, the reason I suggest that you avoid using your flash is because many of them that are built into cameras do not allow as much control as you would like, and can very easily add too much light.  That is when you get skin tones that are washed out and unflattering shadows.  It can also remove some of the details in your images and cause those dreaded red-eyes. 

Instead, try to set your camera setting to shade, indoor or night time settings and see what your picture looks like.  Another option, if you are familiar with your ISO and how to adjust it and want more light, crank it up.  Yes, you will get some grain, but sometimes I like a little grain.

Alright, if those don't work and you just need to bust out that flash, then try to bounce it off the ceiling.  If you can't adjust the direction of the flash, you can also diffuse the light with a piece of paper.  This will make it less harsh, and I promise, result in a more flattering picture.  When I do use my flash, you will see me do both of these.  

So the next time you grab your camera to get a picture of your little one blowing out the candles on their birthday cake, try doing it without the flash and see what you think.  

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This is one of the tips I share in my 6 tips to better photos of your kids.  There are some easy things you can do to capture all those fun family memories.

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