The Polar Express | Baton Rouge Family Photographer

I'm sure many of y'all have done this if you have young children.  It was our first experience.  We got the kids out the door early and drove into New Orleans Union Station to catch our train.  

We have been telling the girls for a few weeks now that we were going to be taking the Polar Express ourselves.  However, they really didn't know why we were all loading up in the car so early. 

Once we got there, the excitement set in.  As we made our way to our train car they were starting to understand that we were going for a ride.  Upon boarding everyone was warmly greeted and allowed time to settle into our seats.  


They wasted no time getting the festivities started.  The girls were told they had to produce their golden tickets to be punched and from that moment on you could just feel the spirit in the air.  That's when it clicked and our oldest was hooked.

She loved it all.  The singing, the dancing, the story, the cookies.  Well, let me correct myself, not the hot chocolate.  The idea of a warm beverage was lost on her.  Then when the big man himself, in his big red suit came in, she was in awe.  It was beautiful to see the magic in her eyes.  Our youngest enjoyed it too, however, she doesn't like strangers so she really wanted to enjoy it all from the comfort of a familiar lap.


All in, it was great for the kids and enjoyable for the parents.  We didn't have to chase our kids through a crowd, they were so well behaved because they were captivated, and it was just a pleasant outing for the entire family.  It will be on our list of Christmas activities while the kids are young.  

I took my Sony with me.  It was the perfect travel camera for the event, it fit in the overstuffed diaper bag without taking up too much space or adding all the weight of my Canon 6D.  I highly recommend this camera for any parents who want good, solid images of their kiddos.  It travels so well.


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