Enjoying Your Portraits | Houston Family Photographer

You've had your family portrait session, now what?  The options out there seem overwhelming when it comes to portrait products.  You want your digitals.  Yes, but what about enjoying those images?

I have a few favorite ways I like to enjoy my family portraits.

First, a custom box with mounted images.  That description doesn't do this justice.  I have a leather covered 5x7 box shown here, but you can do so many fabrics or even a custom image to really make this fit your style.  It is so well made, look at the corner detail.


The mounted prints ensure that they don't curl and helps insure your prints are kept in mint condition.  It also allows for you to display your images with the easel that included with the box.  What a fun way to swap out your images quickly.  Such a precious and unique keepsake that looks great on a shelf or table!



Next, a classic, the album.  This is one that is always popular.   A custom designed album from your session is such a great way to have something to flip through and share with friends and family.  They display so well and with all the customization options allowed for your cover, they can stand out or blend in as much as you want.  


My final one to share today is a classic.  Framed portraits.  These are some I did for our hallway, I wanted one for each child from our family portraits last fall.  They are stunning.  I have a vendor that does some great, lightweight frames, on the off chance a kid hits them with something you don't have as much to worry about if it falls.  They look great, and are easy to hang since they aren't too heavy.  I almost always opt for a matte when I frame, but that is a personal preference.  These are something I am considering offering for clients.  What do you think, should I?  There are several options, and I can help you find a design that fits your space perfectly, large or small!


I encourage all my clients to consider some display pieces so they can enjoy their own session images.  Not just post some, then bury the USB in a drawer with all their others.  I promise you will never regret displaying your family portraits, and you should maximize them.  They will last a lifetime.  

How do you like to showcase your family portraits?  Do you do a gallery wall?  Maybe you do smaller frames on shelves that you swap out frequently.  Keepsake albums for milestones or trips?  I'd love to hear about them.  Feel free to comment below.

Tricia is a photographer in the Houston and Victoria, TX area, specializing in family photography.  You can find out more about a session for your family HERE.

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