R + A Dream Session | Baton Rouge Photographer


It was Sunday afternoon and the day was just a perfect pre-summer warmth.  The weather had given us a bit of a run for our money this weekend, but when I showed up at the Baton Rouge State Capitol Park I knew we had lucked out.

We spent some time strolling the maze of bush lined sidewalks and admired the blooms that were so fragrant you couldn't help but get excited about spring.  This gorgeous couple told me all about long distance and how they manage to make it work.


That's when it happened, I saw that perfect golden hour light shine through behind them, and we started snapping away.  I honestly was amazed at how dreamy the location, light and couple was and when I got home I knew I had a session that I was going to have a hard time narrowing down.  Culling these images was the hardest part.


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