Six month session- Pretty in Pink in League Park

I absolutely love children portrait photography.  It is a big perk of this job.  Another perk is that my job can travel with me.  So while I'm a Baton Rouge photographer, I can still travel to fun locations for sessions.  In this particular case, I traveled back to our old stomping ground in Houston to do a six-month session of a dear friend's precious little girl.


This adorable little one was just a dream to work with.  Since I'm friends with her mom, we were able to catch up a bit during the photo shoot.  We meet up at League Park, a cute little park not far from them.  It had some great little spots we used and a fun gazebo.  Oh, and of course mom had some adorable outfits and blankets, some of which were hers as a child.  Making it extra special to incorporate. 


For six months, I was impressed that she didn't get fussy with us.  The way she lit up when she saw her mom was just beautiful too.  So I had to get some images with the two of them and sneak in a few video snippets of the day so I could incorporate it into their slideshow.  

I always love doing kids portraits.  This little one and her mom were a dream to work with.

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