Photography Tip #1, the rule of thirds


I started my photography journey as a mom and enthusiast, who wanted better pictures of my kids.  It lead me to eventually launching my own portrait business, t.h.e. Photography.  However, I still enjoy grabbing pictures of my kids when I can, and capturing some of the craziness that is our day-to-day life.

That's why, I put together these 6 tips for you.  They are easy, and not overly complicated or full of jargon.  I promise.  While I'm all for shooting in manual mode and really digging into your camera, that just isn't everyone's reality nor desire.  So don't worry, you can have a standard point and shoot and still get the benefit of these tips!

Rule of thirds applied and face hitting the interesting lines.

Rule of thirds applied and face hitting the interesting lines.

One tip that I especially have found helpful and super easy is the rule of thirds.  In fact, many cameras (even phones) have grids you can turn on specifically for this reason.  So, if you have it, turn on your grid, people!!!  If you don’t have one, then visualize the grid when you take images. 

Our instinct is to center every picture, but by applying this concept you can make your pictures more interesting and draw eyes to more powerful spots.  The main takeaway, you want to align your focal point along the lines with the intersections being the most powerful.  Eyes are great focal points, just FYI.

So, if you are centering a picture, try and put their eyes on a horizontal line of the grid.  If you are stepping back and taking a shot from a bit back and wanting some atmosphere to help frame and tell the story, then consider aligning your subject on one of those lines. 

Go ahead, give it a try for yourself!!!  Didn't quite master it the first go?  That's okay, try cropping the image a bit and play around with your focal points on the grid.  

I'd love to hear back from you so feel free to leave your images below or leave me a question.

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